Get customized guidance to help you plant, grow and harvest.
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We grow with you

Grow your garden your way. The Sprout it app gives you customized information and reminders at the right times throughout the growing season. No matter where you are or what type of garden you have, we'll help you go from planting to harvest.

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Our partner, Miracle-Gro® is dedicated to empowering and encouraging the next generation of growers.
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Why garden with Sprout it?


We give you choices. Every garden is different and the app supports you in growing a garden that's right for your location and lifestyle.


We've got great timing. Our reminders, tip and information are delivered throughout the growing season, when you need it most.


We'll inspire you. From themed inspiration gardens to garden projects to recipes, we're ready to share our experiences and ideas with you.

How does Sprout it work?

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Browse our Plant Library

Our selection of plants and varieties is always growing. We give you the info you need to figure out what you want to grow. Then, just add it to Your Garden!

Tell us what you’re growing and when

Set up a Grow Plan for each crop you’re growing to get all of the customized guidance you need at just the right time.

Watch your plants grow

Your Garden in the app is designed to keep up with your real garden, helping you plan and letting you know what’s going on with your plants!

Get the guidance you need

Reference our detailed, easy-to-read information about your plants, from customized step-by-step growing instructions to pest and disease info to ideas for cooking and preservation.